Jennifer Rubin hits Heritage Action Network: ‘Only the feeble all-or-nothing crowd’ opposes ‘Plan B’

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Washington Post Right Turn blogger Jennifer Rubin is backing Speaker John Boehner’s “Plan B” to avoid the fiscal cliff.

In a Wednesday afternoon post, the blogger praised Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist (whose group announced they would not consider a vote for “Plan B” to be a violation of their taxpayer protection pledge), writing that Norquist, “showed he too can play a tough game of chess.”

But Rubin then appeared to use Norquist’s position as leverage to chastise less flexible conservatives who oppose raising taxes on the wealthy. In so doing, she noted that “only the feeble all-or-nothing crowd is confused.”

Rubin then specifically went after Heritage Action Network, writing:

In a move exemplifying how unreasoned that contingent of the GOP has become, Heritage Action Network screeches that it will take names of all those who vote to protect everyone but millionaires. In an e-mail, its communications director burbles that “a tax increase to hit a certain segment of Americans and small businesses is not a solution; it is a political ploy.” Thunk.  Let’s be clear and we will take it slow: Taxes . . . are . . .  going up . . . anyway. How does Heritage Action suggest the GOP stop that? Why, yell louder! (“Taking money out of the private sector to fund the public sector is not only misguided, it is counterproductive.”) You do wonder how they persuade donors to give them money to support such piffle, especially when the majority of Republicans don’t agree with a no-revenue stance.

(Emphasis hers.)

Personally, I enjoy the flourishes in her writing. Heritage Action Network doesn’t just say things, it “screeches” and “burbles” them.

(Also, dismissing their position as “piffle” was a nice touch.)

Matt K. Lewis