Punchline Lindsay Lohan mad that ‘Scary Movie 5’ trailer makes her life look like a punchline [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Renowned laughingstock and frequent punchline Lindsay Lohan is angry because the new “Scary Movie 5” trailer makes her look like a joke.

The sometime actress and wreaker of havoc is reportedly upset that the producers of the horror parody franchise pulled a switcheroo that she did not agree to, TMZ reports.

Lohan, who was reportedly paid several hundred thousand dollars for a day or two of work, was told that she would be shown crippled with fear and screaming at the top of her lungs — only to be seen watching a scene from her 2005 flop “Herbie Fully Loaded.” (That’s actually pretty good, “Scary Movie 5” writers!)

Instead, the trailer shows Lohan screaming in horror at a news clip of herself walking out of court with the headline “PROBATION REVOKED,” which is instead a scene from her own reality.

According to TMZ, Lohan’s lawyers will review the complaint to see if the switch violates any breach of contract violations. The actress believes that the final cut of the film is “payback” for all the times she was late to set and all the problems she caused.

Listen up, LiLo: First of all, you agreed to be in “Scary Movie 5.” You chose this fine feature film as part of your “comeback.” Once you get up to — at the very least — the fourth movie of any franchise, you can pretty much rightly assume that it will be terrible (exception: all those “Star Wars” films). Also, your costar and bedmate in the movie is Charlie Sheen, and you knew that when you signed the contract. This all seems entirely self-inflicted.

Secondly, there is no possible way that the writers and producers of “Scary Movie 5” can make you look like any more of a joke than you have already made yourself out to be. They are simply using material from your own life as a punchline. This is not their fault; it’s yours.

Lastly, you (allegedly) got paid more than twice what the average American makes in one year to appear on screen for five minutes. Buck up, buttercup. We know you have a lot of IRS debt, but suing these people over breach of contract will cost you more than it’s worth in legal fees once you lose that battle. (After all, The Weinstein Company is involved as the U.S. distributor of the film, and you pretty much don’t mess with that dude. Ever. It’s like Hollywood 101.)


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