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Do laws apply to David Gregory?

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Of course not, you stupid wingnut. But nonetheless, a few commoners have been trying to make trouble for him because they don’t know their place.

Here’s what Mr. Gregory did on Sunday’s Meet the Press:

And now this is happening, as The Hill reports:

The Washington Metropolitan Police Department is investigating “Meet the Press” host David Gregory for a potential violation of the District of Columbia’s gun laws, a spokesman for the department confirmed to The Hill.

While interviewing National Rifle Association (NRA) CEO Wayne LaPierre on Sunday, Gregory held up what appeared to be a 30-round magazine to ask if it should be banned. The cartridge is illegal in Washington, D.C., where “Meet the Press” is filmed…

A petition to arrest Gregory for possession of the high-capacity rifle magazine had nearly 6,000 signatures on Tuesday, needing another 19,000 by Jan. 22 to provoke an official White House response.

That was yesterday, and as of this morning the petition is up to 7,000 signatures. Which is good news for David Gregory, because it means at least 7,000 Americans have heard of him.

Um, sorry to disappoint you, teabaggers, but I’m pretty sure righteous indignation trumps the law. Or at least when it’s righteous indignation in service of liberal agenda items. We need to pass more gun laws because people obey laws. Well, people who aren’t on TV, at least.

By the way, Mr. Gregory sends his children to Sidwell Friends, the same school as Obama’s kids. If armed guards are good enough for their children, why aren’t they good enough for yours?

Just kidding. You know the answer already. Now shut up, peasant.

P.S. Howard Kurtz thinks enforcing the law is a “total waste of time.” Good to know, Howard.

P.P.S. D.C. Police — NBC requested and was denied permission to use high capacity magazine in news segment. Yes, but as previously noted: Shut up.