Gutfeld rips paper publishing gun owners addresses: Makes non-gun owners ‘the easiest marks’

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On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld took on Westchester County, N.Y.’s The Journal News for publishing the names and addresses of gun owners with its new controversial “gun-owner database,” saying “this article is the best argument for gun ownership ever” because it makes non-gun owners “the easiest marks.”

Gutfeld, “The Joy of Hate: How to Triumph over Whiners in the Age of Phony Outrage,” said that such a database could have unintended consequences.

“So, a New York paper called The Journal News is under fire for printing names and addresses of local gun owners, even adding a map that shows exactly where they live,” Gutfeld said. “Some gun owners are ticked, which is wrong because this article is the best argument for gun ownership ever. I mean, if you knew that an idiotic editor would out non-gun owners, wouldn’t you get a gun to protect yourself with the thugs the paper just enabled? You think the paper works for the NRA? If anything, non-gun owners should be livid for the paper made them the easiest marks. Just look at this map — what do you see? Not just pockets of gun owners in red, but pockets without. How comfy would you feel knowing your gun-free zone is now public?”

Gutfeld went on to call out the media for turning its back on the privacy of individuals who are gun owners and celebrities who have newly found opinion on the gun issue.

“Remember when the media once championed privacy?” he continued. “I guess they only champion it for the folks that they like. But listening to the media talk about guns is listening to a tree talk about algebra. Consider celebrities like Beyoncé speaking out on gun control. Someone might tell her that of all the problems her husband Jay-Z has, owning a gun ain’t one. I bet if there were a gun map of Hollywood it would light up like Rudolph’s nose. And even if a starlet’s house doesn’t show up, that’s because the gun belongs to a bodyguard or boy toy. So, the next time a liberal asks if you own a gun, return the question and preface it with the fact that the answer, once public, impacts his family’s safety. But really the best response to someone asking if you own a gun: ‘None of your damn business, but you’re welcome to find out, and not by opening a paper.’”

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