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Ready to Face a Gunfight, Armed With a Slingshot?

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By Jan MorganJan Morgan Media

It is interesting to note that most people who want us to be unarmed in America, are either armed, have armed bodyguards, or work and live in environments surrounded by armed security.

Remember Senator, R.C. Soles, a democrat from North Carolina? Soles had a less than stellar record on gun rights issues yet, he actually SHOT an intruder in his home.

I would be willing to bet that many of the democrats who align with anti-gun advocates, actually have guns in their homes for their own protection.
It leaves the impression that they believe their lives and personal safety are more valuable than yours or mine.

Anti-gun Legislators believe they can run our lives, raise our kids, and protect our families better than we can. It is much easier to “control” the lives of a population when that population is not armed. History has proven this to be true.

In the 20th century, 170 million people have been annihilated by their own governments AFTER BEING DISARMED.

Even if you do not care to own a firearm, as an American, you should want law abiding citizens to retain the right to bear arms.
It is about the preservation of liberty and the prevention of tyranny. It is about the right to not be out gunned by an enemy or criminal who will always have access to the most deadly firearms.

When anti-gun liberals ask me to explain or justify why I need my bushmaster AR 15 with 30 or 100 round magazines, my answer is simple. Equal opportunity for preservation of life and liberty.

Criminals and a tyrannical government will always have access to the latest fully automatic lethal firearms. Expecting me to be further restricted on what I can legally own would be like asking me to take a knife to a gun fight.

America already has almost 30 thousand gun control laws on the books. This is ridiculous. The 2nd Amendment should be sufficient. Law abiding citizens are already subjected to a series of restrictions including background checks, registrations, testing for the right to conceal carry, transport laws, and now even exposure of private gun ownership records in some newspapers. Criminals face none of these restrictions and invasions of privacy.

Anti-gun laws ONLY AFFECT LAW ABIDING CITIZENS who do not need to be restricted. Criminals and psychologically impaired individuals can and will acquire firearms if they want them. They are not affected by more restrictions our legislators place on the books. They do not abide by the laws.
The assumption by anti-gun advocates that more laws and more restrictions on law abiding citizens will curtail gun crimes is simply a flawed perception.

Actually, more laws and restrictions on gun ownership will just force otherwise law abiding citizens to become criminals in order to hold on to the guns rights our Founders provided for us with the 2nd Amendment.
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