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When I questioned Hillary Clinton’s health claims, I was relying on the best intelligence available at the time

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Oh, that one doesn’t work for you all of a sudden, lefties? How about that.

Associated Press:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has been admitted to a New York hospital after the discovery of a blood clot stemming from the concussion she sustained earlier this month.

Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines says her doctors discovered the clot during a follow-up exam Sunday. Reines says Clinton is being treated with anti-coagulants.

Blood clots are nothing to mess with. Almost three years ago, when a State Department SUV made an illegal left turn and hit me as I was crossing a street in Washington, DC — with the Walk signal and inside the crosswalk — it shattered my tibial plateau. I needed two major surgeries and over a year and a half of painful convalescence. It still hurts to walk, climbing stairs is still tough, and I’ll probably never be able to run again. Plus, I’m dealing with what I’m pretty sure are symptoms of PTSD.

On top of that, after my first surgery I was having trouble breathing, and they discovered I had a couple of blood clots in my lungs. Pulmonary embolisms. So, for my first few weeks stuck in bed with a shattered knee, twice a day I had to inject myself in the stomach with blood thinners. Plus, I had to go in twice a week for blood tests to make sure it wasn’t too thick or too thin. Just to be on the safe side, I continued to take oral blood thinners for a few weeks after that. (To all my good friends on the left who wish I would eat rat poison: too late.)

So I know how scary it can be, Secretary Clinton. Apparently you were too busy to wish me well after a State Department security agent named Mike McGuinn crippled me for life, but nonetheless, I wish you a speedy recovery.

Speaking of which… A few weeks ago, when Hillary’s people said she wouldn’t be testifying about Benghazi because she’d fallen down and hit her head, I did exactly what our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media would have done if Secretary Clinton were a Republican: I asked to see the medical report. I didn’t accuse her of faking her injury. I didn’t call it a hoax. I merely showed skepticism about the claims of a career politician who was missing her second opportunity in a row to testify about her department’s utter negligence and ineptitude in Benghazi.

Now, of course, lazy hacks are accusing me of doing the very thing I went out of my way not to do. Here’s one from BuzzFeed:

I’m included on that list for saying the following back on December 18:

If she has a concussion, let’s see the medical report. Let’s see some proof that she’s not just stonewalling. If it’s true, then we can all wish her a speedy recovery. But it’s ridiculous to expect us to take her word for it.

Now, you can certainly disagree with me about that. If you’re gullible enough to take the word of a Clinton who’s in the hot seat, you’re certainly in good company. But showing skepticism is not an accusation. Why, back in the old days, journalists used to do it! Even when the politician was a Democrat.

I’ve asked the lazy hack in question, BuzzFeed’s Andrew Kaczynski, why he hasn’t corrected the record. Is he too dim to understand his mistake, or is he just okay with lying about me because I hurt his feelings once? (Just kidding. It was more than once.) So far he hasn’t answered, but feel free to ask him yourself.

Anyway. Hey, remember the part about the State Department SUV making an illegal left turn and crippling me for life? Yeah, here’s the only thing the State Dept. has ever said about it publicly, the day after it happened:

At approximately 7:10 PM last night, a jogger collided with one of the U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service’s official vehicles.

The jogger was transported by ambulance to Georgetown University Hospital.

Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) responded to the scene and conducted an investigation. Diplomatic Security has since learned that the jogger was cited for Jaywalking. For further details regarding the investigation, we would refer you to MPD.

At all times, Diplomatic Security acted responsibly and appropriately and displayed due diligence in caring for the injured.

They got the approximate time right, and I was indeed sent to Georgetown. And yes, I was cited for jaywalking, even though I wasn’t jaywalking and there were no witnesses who said I was. But I wasn’t jogging. I didn’t collide with anything. (How does a pedestrian collide with a vehicle, anyway?) And McGuinn didn’t identify himself to me at the scene or at any point after, let alone “display due diligence.” Hell, the only reason we know he’s the guy who hit me is that he offered to call somebody for me as I was sprawled out in the middle of the street with a shattered knee. I didn’t know he’d hit me; I just thought he was a nice guy. So I gave him Neil Patel’s business card and had him call the office, because I’d just moved to DC a month before and didn’t know anybody else here. The next day, Tucker called that number back, thinking this guy was merely a witness, but then McGuinn admitted he’s the one who hit me as he was on the clock with the State Dept. Since then, nobody from State, the MPD, or anybody else involved has offered any other information.

I’m now suing the State Department, and they’re stonewalling as long as possible. I guess they figure if they just bury their heads in the sand, eventually it’ll go away.

Sound familiar?

So yeah, between what the State Department has done to me and all the lies they’ve told about Benghazi so far, I’m not really inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt. I reserve the right to be skeptical about any excuses Hillary Clinton or anybody else might make. You’re not going to shame me into shutting up about it anytime soon, but feel free to keep trying.

In the meantime: Get well soon, Secretary Clinton. We all know how eager you are to set the record straight about Benghazi.

Update: BuzzFeed Reporter Mocks Initial Skepticism of Hillary’s Concussion. That hardly seems fair. “Reporter”?

Update: Questioning Hillary Clinton’s concussion, and other outrages. “Head injuries are no joke, but the backlash against those who initially questioned whether Hillary Clinton’s concussion was for real seems like an overreaction, too; you don’t have to be hateful to have wondered if she really had the flu and fell down right before she was supposed to testify about the security situation at our consulate that was really just a house in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were killed by terrorists in September.”

Update: Awwww, now Wonkette’s attempting to shame me for daring to question my betters. I cede the high ground to them. After all, they’ve earned it.

Update: And now Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert, who lied about me when I got hit by a car, is trying to shame me for asking the same thing he would’ve asked if Hillary were a Republican. Go Brock yourself, Eric.

Update: Ace sums it up… “When a conservative expresses skepticism, the intellectually-insecure liberal must vehemently take the position of absolute guilelessness, absolute credulity. If a conservative doubts the word of a liberal politician, the insecure liberal demonstrates how rational he is by assuming — nay, insisting– that everything a liberal politician tells him is 100% true.”

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