Best of Biden, swearing-in edition: ‘Spread your legs — you’re going to be frisked’

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden was in rare form Thursday morning as he held a mock swearing-in session for the senators of the 113th Congress. In case you missed this hour of must-see TV, we’ve recapped Biden’s best comments.

1) “Spread your legs — your going to be frisked,” Biden said to North Dakota’s newest senator, Democrat Heidi Heitkamp, and her family, after the photographer suggested they “drop your hands to the side.”

“You say that to somebody from North Dakota, they think it’s a frisk,” Biden told the photographer.

2) “If you ever need any help on your pecs, let me know,” the Vice President told one member of newly-sworn-in South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s family, a big man who Biden said looked like he still played football. Biden then proceeded to whip out his cell phone and show the family photos.

3) “You’ve got beautiful eyes, mom,” Biden told Nebraska Sen. Deb Fischer’s mom, whom he flirted with throughout the mock-swearing in and the photograph. For her part, Fischer’s mom looked totally charmed.

4) But not to worry, Biden has enough love to go around: He also shamelessly flirted with Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso’s mother.

“Hey mom, how are you? I’m Joe Biden,” he said as she approached, then wrapped her up in a hug. At that point, Barrasso joked, “She told me she liked Cheney better.”

Barrasso’s mom looked like she liked Biden just fine, smiling as he pressed his face close to hers.

5) More flirting, this time with Maine Sen. Angus King’s wife. “Who should I look at?” she asked, standing between Biden and her husband as he took the oath.

“I’d prefer you look at me, but you can look at him if you’d like,” Biden replied.

King’s wife proceeded to stare straight at her husband for the duration of the oath.

6) One female Biden wasn’t able to charm: Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s young daughter, who was crying and would not smile for the picture, on account of the fact that she wanted her lollipop.

7) Swearing in Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy’s one-year-old son, Rider, when the child, whom his father was holding as he placed his hand on the Bible, decided to imitate his dad and raise his hand too. To be fair, this was more the baby than Biden, but it’s a cute picture, regardless. (h/t Jeremy Art at C-SPAN)

Sen. Christopher Murphy's baby also taking the oath of office.

Sen. Christopher Murphy’s baby also taking the oath of office.

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