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Eliot Spitzer won’t get into bed with Al Jazeera

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Bad news for viewer(s) of America’s favorite disgraced whoremonger. Client 9 is pulling up his black socks and scurrying away.


Eliot Spitzer, the former New York governor turned progressive television host, said Sunday that his show on Current TV is over.

The announcement comes a few days after Al Jazeera said it was acquiring Current TV. Later this year, the Qatar-owned broadcaster plans to turn the channel into an Americanized version of the international news channel Al Jazeera English.

Mr. Spitzer said he had a “wonderful time” at Current, but emphasized that his relationship was with Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, Current’s co-founders, not with Al Jazeera. “Moving forward, their mission will be different,” he said — more international newscasts, less liberal talk about the news.

Well, dang. There is some good news, though. Beginning tonight, Spitzer is being replaced by John Fugelsang!

Ahem. Maybe you didn’t hear me? I said… John Fugelsang!

Okay, fine, Google him.

Hey, what does all this mean for Keith Olbermann? Ever since Current gave him the leather-free, eco-friendly boot, he’s been standing by the offramp with his “Will Host for Food” sign. Could this be his shot at a comeback? I dunno, he might be too anti-American for Al Jazeera… In any case, he’s been keeping busy by taking pictures of sunsets and griping at people on Twitter. Gotta stay sharp.

P.S. David Paterson is looking for a new gig too. Spitzer and Paterson… Can you say “buddy comedy”?