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Piers Morgan loses gun-control debate to Ben Shapiro

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You guys have no idea how I sacrifice for you. I just watched Piers Morgan twice in one week.

The great thing about the Twitter Age is that you can track a preening narcissist’s mood swings in real time. Here’s Piers Morgan on Tuesday, the morning after his interview with Alex Jones:

Characteristically snide, self-satisfied, and imperious. The Piers Morgan that America has not at all fallen in love with.

I can only imagine Morgan’s excitement. Finally, his moment had arrived! But then, last night, he invited Breitbart.com’s Ben Shapiro on his show to debate gun control. Then this happened:


That did not work out the way Morgan had hoped. Highlight: Morgan waving the copy of the United States Constitution that Shapiro gave him and sneering, “Your little book.” He doesn’t seem to mind that “little book” when it protects his right to free speech, does he? That “little book” was just fine when the White House cited it as a reason not to deport him, wasn’t it?

You know how it feels when you lose an argument, and then a few hours later you think of what you should’ve said? Morgan sure does:

Next time, Piers, try the “Jerk Store” retort.

And here he is this morning:

Oh no! He’s being targeted. He’s being abused and ridiculed and threatened. Just a few days ago he was triumphantly changing the debate, and now he’s a victim of those mean ol’ right-wingers. Poor Piers. So much for his sanctimonious lecturing about putting aside “left” and “right,” eh?

Morgan knows Shapiro won the debate, which is why Morgan is so petulant. And that’s why the same people who crowed about the Alex Jones interview are conspicuously silent about this one. It’s only news when the Constitution is defended by a fat yelly guy from Texas who thinks Bush orchestrated 9/11 with aliens from Dimension X. The calm, soft-spoken Harvard Law School grad with the yarmulke is a lot tougher to demonize. But maybe somebody will try.

Piers Morgan is like an aging heavyweight boxer who can only win against tomato cans. Put him up against a real opponent and he leaves the arena on a stretcher. You had your moment, Piers. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted.

And now, the line of the day:

Update: And another.

Update: Ed Morrissey has a roundup.

Update: Piers is really having a bad day.

Update: CNN Host Obliterated During Interview Malfunction. “[Piers Morgan] recoiled when Shapiro’s pocket copy of the Constitution came out, deriding it as ‘your little book.’ I believe Count Dracula once had a similar conversation with Abraham van Helsing.”

Update: I’ve got good news and bad news, Piers. Good news: More people watched you on Thursday than on Monday. Bad news: That’s the night you invited Ben Shapiro on your show to humiliate you.

Update: Days later, Morgan is still trying to catch up with Shapiro and tripping over his own shoelaces hilariously.