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Piers Morgan thinks a tyrannical U.S. government is impossible, and it doesn’t matter anyway because they’d just nuke us all

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Piers Morgan has finally said something so stupid, it could’ve come out of the mouth of Larry King.

Morgan is obviously still filled with helpless shame after losing that gun-control debate to Ben Shapiro, because he’s still coming up with stuff he thinks he should’ve said that night. That’s why, instead of keeping it to himself, he delighted us all with this:

What sort of paranoid right-wing nutball actually thinks an American president would order a nuclear strike against his own countrymen? That’d be Piers.

“The government is benevolent. And if you don’t think so, maybe you’d prefer to be nuked?”

Y’know, until he said this, I never really noticed the resemblance…

Piers Morgan: Dr. Strangedumb.


Update: A translation of Piers Morgan’s answers to Ben Shapiro’s questions.

Update: CNN edits Piers-Shapiro debate, but reruns complete Alex Jones interview. Of course they did.