Anti-gun Democratic congresswoman: There is a ‘mass killing happening in this country every single day’

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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Democratic California Rep. Jackie Speier said on CNN Monday that firearms are responsible for a “mass killing” every day in the United States. She revealed that the Obama administration is seriously considering implementing new gun control measures through executive orders.

“There is, in fact, a mass killing happening in this country every single day. Thirty-two people lose their lives every day,” Speier said. The congresswoman did not provide a source for that claim.

Speier was one of 12 House Democrats to meet with Vice President Joe Biden Monday morning as part of Biden’s inquiry into how to prevent future incidents of mass gun violence. No Republicans attended the meeting.


Biden reportedly briefed Obama Monday afternoon, and is expected to present his complete findings to the president by Tuesday. Obama will use Biden’s research to develop new gun control measures, either legislatively or by issuing executive orders.

According to Speier, Biden said in the meeting that Obama is “absolutely committed” to an assault weapons ban and a prohibition against high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Biden also made clear, she said, that Obama can achieve many of his gun-control goals without Congress.

“(Biden) spoke about what the president can do by executive action, and there were some 19 different things that the president can do. He didn’t get into all of them, but certainly they will be considered by the president,” Speier said.

“I’m not going to let just one bill be the defining way that we address this issue,” Speier added.

Speier condemned leaders of the National Rifle Association, who met with Biden last week.

“The NRA is gonna use the muscle that it has used in prior Congresses to try and fear — put fear — into members’ voting decisions.”

Americans, she added, likely fear the constant presence of semi-automatic firearms.

“We shouldn’t have a situation where people are afraid to go to a movie, to go to take their kids to school, to just carry out their lives without fear that there’s going to be a gunman there spraying an assault weapon at them. So we have to take some steps,” Speier said.

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