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Best smoothie bar in the world charges liberals $1 extra

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Via one of the perpetually aggrieved minions at “Think” “Progress”:

A smoothie shop in Vernal, Utah is sparking outrage over an unorthodox pricing structure that charges liberals an extra dollar. The shop, tellingly named the I Love Drilling Juice and Smoothie Bar, is owned by George Burnett, a pro-oil and gas activist. He donates the extra money to conservative organizations like the Heritage Foundation.

That’s probably illegal or something. Discrimination and whatnot. But then, we’re now living in a lawless society. If laws don’t apply to the left, why not charge them a buck extra while we’re at it?

This doesn’t balance out decades of tedious liberal crapola from Ben & Jerry, but that tenuous link gives me an excuse to rerun these Ben & Jerry’s flavors I thought up when those fat hippie dip$#!+s were giving away ice cream to the raping, rioting, granny-shoving Occupy losers who stunk up McPherson Square back in Nov. ’11:

  • Academia Nut Crunch
  • Berry Soetoro
  • Boston Crack Pipe
  • Chunky Commie
  • Corporate Creep, Gimme Dough
  • Crème Brûtalitée
  • Fatcat Femur Crunch
  • Grubby Hubby
  • Inti-Mint-Ation Tactics
  • No Grape Zone
  • No Justice, No Peanuts
  • Pepper Spray Mint
  • Sensual Assault
  • Slum Raisin
  • Strawberry Cheeserape
  • Taken into Custardy
  • This Is What Obesity Looks Like
  • Tutti Zuccotti


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