Larry Elder rips Tarantino’s ‘condescending’ effort to create black ‘hero’ with ‘Django Unchained’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On the Monday broadcast of his KABC Los Angeles radio show, Larry Elder, author of “Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives … Eight Hours,” accused filmmaker Quentin Tarantino of condescending to black Americans by claiming that his new film, “Django Unchained,” finally gives them a long-awaited hero.

“Tarantino said … the reason he did ‘Django’ is because he wanted to give blacks a hero. Appreciate the gesture, Mr. Tarantino, but the implication is that there is some sort of insecurity or angst or itch, such that a fictitious guy who shoots up a bunch of white people will give us some sort of antidote to what ails us,” Elder said. (RELATED AUDIO — Mark Steyn: “Tarantino is an idiot”)

“How incredibly condescending,” Elder continued. “You know, there are real heroes — not to make them up. First person to be killed in the Revolutionary War was a black guy: Crispus Attucks. You ever heard of Sojourner Truth? You ever heard of Harriet Tubman? You know what the Underground Railroad was? You ever heard of Frederick Douglass?”

Tarantino, who recently gave a fiery, confrontational interview with a local news reporter, is too idealistic and lacks perspective, Elder argued. (RELATED VIDEO: Tarantino balks at interview questions on movie violence, yells that he’s not a “slave” or “monkey”)

“Quentin Tarantino is like a lot of white liberals I know,” Elder said. “He thinks he’s noble. He thinks he’s down with the folks. And he reminds me of these Hollywood lefties that go to these third-world countries and pass out boxes … when the problem is the government. The problem is dictators. The problem is corruption. The problem is collectivist policies that don’t work.”

“So Mr. Tarantino. … assuming you want to do the best for the black community you obviously feel is downtrodden, let me suggest something to you: We don’t need fake heroes. We need real dads. Can you convince your friends on the left to rethink their welfare-state mentality?”

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