Mark Levin on Obama gun proposals: ‘This is 1930s stuff’ [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” conservative talk show host Mark Levin said President Barack Obama’s executive actions to curb gun violence, which were announced during a Wednesday press event, are as “un-American” and “fascistic” as they are unhelpful.

“What do any of these 23 [executive actions] have to do with what happened in Newtown? I’ve studied all 23 of them now. They have absolutely nothing to do with the mass murder that took place in Connecticut — zero. And the president won’t be asked about it. I have gone through these. It’s a weird collection of proposals. First of all, we have Obama ordering himself to order certain members of his administration to do things they should have been doing anyway, like enforcing existing laws, talking to each other, making sure they are trained up and everything. Why does the president have to issue an executive order and call in his Cabinet and say that? ”

“There is a lot of talk about training and educating, including first responders and local enforcement,” he continued. “Does the president know that the SWAT teams and these other teams of first responders are the best qualified, most experienced, most trained up of everybody to handle situations like this?”

Levin also challenged Obama for emphasizing that no federal law prohibits doctors from reporting violent threats made by patients. (RELATED: Obama emphasizes family values while announcing gun curbs)

“There are certain things in his executive orders that are un-American. In some ways they are fascistic. Doctors are private citizens. Do we really want doctors reporting to the federal government if they think somebody might have violent tendencies? Do we really want to discourage people that have mental health issues to see their doctor because they may be part of a national law enforcement database? How is that going to prevent any crime? You know a tiny fraction of murders occur from mentally ill people? There is no connection between reality and this president is proposing.”

Half of Obama’s proposals are “absolute crap,” Levin concluded, adding that the executive action guiding the Centers for Disease Control “to research the causes and prevention of gun violence” is illegal.

“I think there are a couple things in it that are poison pills — the attempt to nationalize the medical profession and to have doctors reporting their clients to the federal government, this is 1930s stuff. The American people to rise up against that. The medical profession needs to say no. Also he clearly wants a national database where all innocent law-biding citizens that buy guns are in a database. Can I ask you a question — what does that do? I can understand a national database of criminals. Why do you need a national database of Americans that own guns? What is that for?”

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