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TheDC Morning: Steve Stockman’s guide to looking like an idiot

Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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1.) Steve Stockman’s guide to looking like an idiot — Republican Rep. Steve Stockman has raised the specter of impeachment over President Obama’s executive orders on guns — before he even knew what they stipulated. Now he is going around comparing President Obama’s political tactics to those of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. TheDC’s Jeff Poor reports:

“On Tuesday’s ‘On the Record’ on the Fox News Channel, Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman, who recently suggested President Barack Obama should be impeached if he uses executive orders to infringe on gun rights, said the president reminds him of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. … Host Greta Van Susteren asked Stockman what he would do if President Obama announced on Wednesday that he wants to unilaterally ban assault weapons. ‘I think we outlined multiple avenues,’ Stockman replied. ‘It’s defending the Constitution in any ways we can legally, and that process has many different avenues. We’re willing to take those to defend the Constitution. I think it the right thing to do.'”

Yes, it is revolting that President Obama will reportedly be using children to make a political point on guns. Yes, his executive orders may overreach. But can Republicans and Democrats stop threatening impeachment against every president they don’t like? It’s kind of a serious thing. Also, you’re never going to sound good comparing a sitting American president to Saddam Hussein unless that president regularly feeds his political opponents into a wood chipper. Actually, scratch regularly. If he does that once, it’s probably alright to compare him (or, perhaps, her) to Saddam Hussein. Otherwise, it’s best to avoid the Saddam Hussein comparison entirely.

2.) The denouncement wars — One congressman wants President Obama to condemn the contemptible, reports TheDC’s Caroline May:

“Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner is calling on President Barack Obama to denounce an online video game that encourages players to shoot and kill National Rifle Association officials. In a letter to Obama, Sensenbrenner on Tuesday voiced concern about the video game, ‘Bullet to the Head of the NRA,’ which allows players to kill NRA President David Keene with a scoped firearm. ‘Making threats against public figures who speak out either for or against gun control prevents us from having a reasonable, thoughtful debate,’ Sensenbrenner wrote in his letter.”

If the GOP has to denounce silly and sickening talk by silly and sickening people, TheDC Morning supposes Democrats and President Obama ought have to do the same. But it would really be best for both sides to be allowed to ignore such outrageous lunacy propagated by nobodies.

3.) No time for Showtime —  Congressman Jason Chaffetz has the gall to believe the U.S. government shouldn’t be paying for Bill Clinton’s office Showtime subscription. TheDC’s Alex Pappas and Vince Coglianese report:

“Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz says all the still-living former presidents of the United States ‘should be embarrassed’ for spending taxpayer money on their offices when they are all millionaires. During a Tuesday afternoon interview with The Daily Caller in his Capitol Hill office, the Republican lawmaker criticized a system — in effect since the 1950s — that allows wealthy former White House occupants to accept post-presidency monetary perks, courtesy of taxpayers. … ‘Do you really need Showtime in your office?’ Chaffetz asked. ‘I mean no government employee would be able to get away with that.’ ‘There’s no incentive for them to be frugal and it’s obvious none of them are,’ Chaffetz said, picking up a stack of papers detailing the expenses.”

Actually, there is now one incentive — the investigative prowess of Alabama’s favorite son, Alex Pappas, and his sidekick, Vinny Coglianese.

4.) Professional misconduct — The Daily Caller News Foundation’s David Demirbilek reports on how you shouldn’t practice law:

“Talk about screwing your client over. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that on January 10, the Minnesota Supreme Court suspended attorney Thomas P. Lowe from the practice of law for having an affair with a client and subsequently billing her for sex. Lowe’s suspension will extend for at least 15 months. … The incident is not Lowe’s first professional ethical lapse as an attorney. In 1997, Lowe was placed on probation for using cocaine and aiding in the purchase of the drug for a client.”

Suspended!? What, exactly, does a lawyer need to do to be disbarred?

5.) Tweet of Yesterday — Michael C Moynihan: Like Alex Jones RT @piersmorgan: These ridiculous,vile Sandy Hook ‘truthers’ don’t deserve a moment of airtime or publicity.Just ignore them

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