Time for a new Fox?

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Does Fox News now have an All-Amnesty lineup? Looks like it.  Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly have now fallen in line behind World Citizen Rupert Murdoch’s support of “sweeping, generous immigration reform,” including a “path to citizenship.” Karl Rove was always on board, of course.

What about Fox News’ viewers? Are they going to go along like sheep? They now have no network that represents their perspective on what seems to be a key issue for Obama’s second term. Is it time for a new Fox? (Wouldn’t it be time for a new Fox anyway? That lineup has been stale for years.) …

P.S.: Is there any other issue in American politics where the media’s coverage is so one-sided? Even non-PC newspapers are eager to expand Latino readership–they’ve been in a GOP-like panic about not offending Latinos for years. (When was the last time an L.A. Times editor sent a reporter to interview construction workers who’d permanently lost their middle class jobs to cheaper undocumented labor?) Public radio stations get grants to broadcast “Latino” content, often drearily didactic and inevitably pro-amnesty.  Now even the opposition isn’t in opposition. I look forward to vigorous “balanced” debates between pro-amnesty Democrats and pro-amnesty Marco Rubio throughout the spring.

Here is a simple question the MSM might ask for starters: Why won’t the same thing happen with Obama’s “comprehensive immigration reform” as happened with Reagan’s similar 1986 immigration reform: We’ll get the amnesty part but the enforcement part will be blocked (by lawsuits, or lack of zeal on the part of administrators)?

Maybe the answer will be that, in proponents’ minds, it doesn’t really matter if we get another post-“reform” wave of 11 million new unauthorized immigrants. If so, that’s an answer Americans deserve to hear …

But I guess they won’t hear it on FOX.

Mickey Kaus