Now Katherine Webb will be on TV in a bikini every week

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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The object of Brent Musburger and AJ McCarron’s affection, Katherine Webb, will now be on television every week in a bikini. (RELATED SLIDESHOW: Katherine Webb captured our hearts, so we captured more photos of her)

The former Miss Alabama is riding her 15 minutes of fame all the way to a reality TV competition on ABC, “Celebrity Diving,” which is a real show and not something we just made up.

According to RealityTVWorld, “‘Celebrity Diving’ will feature celebrities competing in a diving competition in front of a live audience. Each week, stars will perform dives, such as backflips and somersaults, from various heights that will increase in difficulty as the season progresses in the hopes of impressing a panel of judges and home viewers.”

If the premise doesn’t excite you, surely Webb in a bikini will do the trick.

“Celebrity Diving” premieres on March 19 and stars other celebrities you’ve probably never heard of, including Kendra Wilkinson, Louie Anderson and Drake Bell.

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