Fight erupts at St. Louis food stamp office [VIDEO]

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A dispute over a place in line that escalated into a brawl was captured on camera at an East St. Louis food stamp office.

The video, first reported by St. Louis’ FOX2, shows four women shouting and punching each other as security guards attempt to separate them.

East St. Louis Mayor Alvin Parks told the FOX affiliate that the behavior was unacceptable, especially in light of recent mass shootings, and called for metal detectors to be installed at the Illinois Department of Human Services office in East St. Louis, where the fight occurred Tuesday afternoon.


Filming reportedly started after the fight began.

“Definitely something needs to be done, it’s ridiculous,” DeShanea Stevenson, who frequently went to the social services location, told FOX2. “They just do that all the time, at the aid office. That’s what happens. It’s like nobody really cares.”

A former client of the location added that he was “shocked” by the behavior.

“It’s just been cool, everybody standing in line, doing what they do, trying to get their stamps, trying to get, you know, whatever they’re trying to get. It’s never been like this in there,” Detria Graves told FOX2.

There have been no arrests as the fight had cleared by the time police arrived, according to the mayor however police will review the tape and try to track down those involved.

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