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Hillary talks double, sees double

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After Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s evasive, obfuscatory, and cynically manipulative testimony on Benghazi yesterday, we all know she can’t talk straight. But can she see straight?


Closeups of Secretary of State Clinton taken during her Senate testimony Wednesday revealed that her head injury last month left her with lingering vision problems.

As she testified about the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya, the secretary of state appeared to have tiny vertical lines etched onto the left lens of her new brown specs.

Clinton’s spokesman confirmed Thursday night she is wearing the special glasses as a result of the fall and concussion she suffered last month, but he did not elaborate.

I’m surprised her spokesman gave up even that much information. I was under the impression that her health is none of our business unless we want to use it to excuse her behavior. Her fans really don’t like it when we ask questions out of turn.

But then, what difference does it make?

Once again, all the best to the real victim in the Benghazi fiasco. Here’s wishing Sec. Clinton a speedy recovery from her injury, which of course was caused by falling and hitting her head during a bout with the flu. We all know how hard she works.

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Jim Treacher