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Opinion: One more state in the concealed carry struggle — teachers

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By Alan Korwin, Author, Gun Laws of America

The struggle to arm teachers against known classroom hazards is being met with the same prejudice, scorn and derision we heard every time a state enacted CCW discreet-carry gun laws over the past two decades.

Those blind fears about people exercising their right to arms have been proven wrong time and again — the empty paranoid rantings and bigotry of the “news” media, elected officials and ignorant masses. Their wildly promoted fantasies of death and mayhem desperately needed correction. What we got, and are getting again, is repetition.

The sky never fell, remember? Brainless bubbas left no pools of blood. Instead, crime dropped as millions of decent citizens armed themselves against crime in 49 states. Only Mr. Obama’s crime-riddled Chicago holds out one state from the national tidal wave of peace.

So — do we really need to go through the old Dodge-City nonsense again now? Should you in the ethical media remain complicit? Are our schools’ teachers, their staffs and principals so hopelessly incompetent and without judgment that even with training they can’t match the performance of toothless gun-toting hicks in torn T-shirts — or even doctors, lawyers and professionals with CCW permission slips in their wallets?

America is not having a debate about guns. America is having a debate about hoplophobia — morbid fear of guns. The preposterous disarm-the-innocent proposals from the left are a false flag. Guns are good. Guns protect us. Guns save lives. Guns stop crime. Guns are why America is still free. That aspect of this debate is missing in the media’s narrative.

The errant behavior of a psychopath is not grounds to disarm or infringe upon innocent people who did nothing. That is an irrational, sick, hoplophobic response that cannot work, and cries out for compassion and counseling — for the people who suggest it. You don’t want hoplophobes setting gun policy any more than you want aquaphobes as lifeguards.

Infringing upon the innocent to protect the innocent will not work. Denying a teacher the right to arms is a perverse policy choice fraught with ulterior motives and is constitutionally forbidden. Its very suggestion is a violation of the oath of office for elected officials and should be grounds for removal from office. Reporters should recognize this simple fact as swiftly as half the public does. The tearful emotional frenzy incessantly whipped up by the media does not change this.

Baby boomers universally remember rifle teams in high schools, varsity letters awarded for competition, bringing firearms to class to go hunting afterwards. The notion that guns and schools don’t mix, and that gun ignorance should supplant gun education is a modern one whose origin is murky and suspicious. Can we really entrust our precious children’s minds to people we cannot trust to handle firearms that half the homes in the nation safely keep and bear?

The disarmed-teachers policy currently in place has contributed to grievous harm. Those responsible for this gross denial of a specific enumerated right (the Supreme Court’s term) should be identified and held accountable, and the disarmed-teachers policy should end without delay.

Denial of human rights never advances the cause of freedom or the human condition. It is almost as if we are fighting the civil-rights battles of the 1960s again. A bill to reverse the egregious discrimination against the people responsible for our children’s safe education should be drafted and introduced immediately before further harm ensues.

If our politicians can’t figure out how to draft such a bill I’ll do it, it won’t be the first time. Let one brave elected official ask. Drafting bills is not magic, it’s English. Introducing bills is not magic, it’s procedural. Restore the right to keep and bear arms for those denied this fundamental civil and human right without delay.

The president has assured us that everything is on the table. Why not an end to discrimination.

Alan Korwin, Publisher, Bloomfield Press is the author of several books on gun laws. His most recent book is “After You Shoot.” Alan’s website is a valuable resource for gun owners. Visit