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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Foreign policy expert Michael Ledeen

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Michael Ledeen is the Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

An expert on Iran, terrorism and totalitarian philosophies, Ledeen, 71, has written numerous books and once served as special adviser to late Secretary of State Al Haig during the Reagan administration.

Ledeen, who holds a Ph.D in modern European history and philosophy, has written extensively for publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the National Review, where he is a contributing editor.

TheDC’s Ginni Thomas recently spoke with Ledeen about America’s reputation in the world, the Benghazi terrorist attack, the threat of a nuclear Iran, whether there is a war on Christians and Jews, and our recent gun policy debate.

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From a global perspective, how is America faring right now?

What does last year’s attack on our Benghazi consulate say to the world?

Is America’s influence around the globe increasing or receding?

What should Americans know about Iran?

Why doesn’t the left in America condemn the human rights violations of Iran?

Is there a war on the Judeo-Christian culture and traditions?

Are you worried about Shariah in the U.S.?

Why don’t moderate Muslims show disdain for their radical leaders?

Did we win or lose in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Was the Arab Spring positive; did we do the right thing in Egypt?

What can regular citizens do to make a difference?

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