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Al Gore is not a hypocrite, says Al Gore

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You might think that after Al Gore made hundreds of millions of dollars by waddling around yelling that global warming is destroying the planet, he might be a bit sheepish about making many more millions by selling his crappy cable channel to a bunch of oil billionaires. But if Al Gore were capable of honest self-reflection, nobody would’ve ever heard of him.

Here’s the President of the Environment making half-assed excuses to Matt Lauer this morning:

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Lauer: The critics jumped. They said, “Here’s the guy who just sold Current TV to Al Jazeera, which gets an undetermined amount of funding from the country of Qatar, which gets its money from oil reserves.” Isn’t there a contradiction in that?

Gore: I certainly understand that criticism. I disagree with it, because I think Al Jazeera has obviously long since established itself as a really distinguished and effective news-gathering organization…

In other words, Al Gore doesn’t like that question because there’s no good answer beyond his own greed, so he’s going to answer a different question. Lauer made another run at it, but Gore obviously wasn’t going to fess up and nobody at NBC really cares anyway. So Lauer gets to pretend to be a journalist for a minute, Gore gets to plug whatever his latest bomb of a book is called, and everybody wins.

As Glenn Reynolds says: “I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis start acting like it’s a crisis.”

(Hat tip: Hot Air)