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Weiner keeps popping back up

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When I think about all the lefties who defended Anthony Weiner from the completely true allegation that he was sending pictures of his ding-dong to women he met on the Internet, their failure makes me happy. I enjoy it when stupid people lose face. For once, a Democrat wasn’t able to lie, distract, and obfuscate his way out of a problem he created for himself. For once, a Democrat’s attempt to turn an accusation around on his accuser didn’t work. It was very fun to watch.

But you can’t keep a good Weiner down, or even an Anthony Weiner. Now he’s looking for any available openings. NY Post:

Weiner probing possibility of political run

It looks like Anthony Weiner is testing the waters for a possible run for city comptroller this year.

At least two politically-connected individuals in Manhattan have received calls from a pollster asking about a possible match-up between the former Brooklyn Congressman and Scott Stringer, the Manhattan Borough President who is considered the heavy favorite in the race…

Weiner is sitting on a warchest of $3.9 million, raised when he was a leading contender for mayor in 2009.

Political insiders say he’s been itching to get back into politics following his nationally-famous fall.

Yuck. There’s nothing worse than an itchy Weiner.

Courtesy of the fine folks at the Post, who are clearly, um, relishing this opportunity: