Jay Leno jokes about Menendez prostitution scandal on ‘Tonight Show’ [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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“Tonight Show” host Jay Leno made light of the Sen. Robert Menendez prostitution scandal during his show Tuesday night.

Menendez is being investigated by the FBI for allegedly soliciting prostitutes in the Dominican Republic as young as 16. In October, The Daily Caller talked to three Dominican prostitutes who said that not only did Menendez pay them for sex, but he paid them less than he originally agreed to. (RELATED VIDEO: Prostitutes claim Menendez stiffed them in more ways than one)

During his opening monologue, Leno said, “Well, in more serious news, the FBI investigating New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez for allegedly soliciting Dominican prostitutes. So, once again, foreign workers doing the jobs Americans don’t want to do, right?”

“Well, the FBI says Menendez agreed to pay the prostitutes $500 but then only gave them $100. So, he had sex like a Democrat but is a fiscal conservative like Republicans. That’s what we need in Washington! We need more men like that! Yeah. A little different when they’re spending their own money, huh?”

Leno is the first person on a major network to bring up the scandal, with the exception of CNBC’s Larry Kudlow and the Fox News Channel. (RELATED: Major networks mum on FBI raid of top Menendez donor)

Late Tuesday, the Miami Herald reported that the FBI raided the Florida clinic of Dr. Salomon Melgen, the eye doctor and wealthy political donor who allegedly procured Dominican prostitutes for Menendez.


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