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Why is Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) following a very young-looking Dominican girl on Twitter?

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Remember when Anthony Weiner got busted for sending a picture of his penis to a woman who was not his wife? He sure does. And remember how he claimed his Twitter account was hacked or pranked or spammed or whatever?

One of the clues that Weiner wasn’t telling the truth was that he was following a lot of young girls on Twitter. It wasn’t about the ones who were following him — which he had no control over — but the ones he was following.

Well, here’s a weird thing. If you go to the verified Twitter account for Bob Menendez, @SenatorMenendez, and look at who he’s following, you see a lot of Twitter accounts that would make sense for a senator to follow: Dept. of Agriculture, HUD, the Mercer County NJ Democrats, etc.

But one of these things is not like the others:

@Unapologeticxx? Who’s that?

If you Google “Unapologeticxx,” you can see that the young lady has an Instagram account. And here’s one of the pictures she’s posted:

And another:

And then, if you go to Menendez’s official YouTube page, there’s a campaign ad called “Launch”:

Did you see her? Starting at around the 10-second mark:

Looks like the same kid, doesn’t it?

Oh, and according to her Google Plus bio, she’s “Dominican & Puerto Rican.”

It might be nothing. Or it might be something. The Daily Caller has been asking Menendez’s office for a phone call or a meeting so we could show this stuff to them, but they’ve ignored us.

Why is Bob Menendez following this very young-looking girl of Dominican descent on Twitter? That seems like a relevant question, doesn’t it?

(David Martosko and Charles C. Johnson contributed to this post.)