Top 10: Best tweets about the Bob Menendez prostitute scandal

David Martosko Executive Editor
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As Sen. Bob Menendez continues to hide out in an undisclosed location and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tells ABC News he “did nothing wrong,” the Twitterverse has erupted.

It’s almost like John Edwards, John Ensign, David Vitter and Anthony Weiner held a joint press conference. (RELATED BLOG: Why is Menendez following a very young-looking Dominican girl on Twitter?)

Here are the ten best tweets about the story that TheDC has seen:

10. Scott Crass: I heard somebody say that Menendez may now be the only Northeastern Dem Sen.who favors investing in offshore drilling.
9. Jeff Pye Lawrence: Is this a cruel joke that Menendez is in possible sex scandal and possible replacement is Woody “Johnson”?
8. Jim Geraghty: I hope Senator Menendez gets to tell his side of the story on Eliot Spitzer’s show on Current.
7. Laura Ingraham: So NOW he wants personal “border” security! “@GingerGibson: Reporters chased Menendez down the hall after his speech. He answered no Qs.”
6. Gary Kaltbaum: If menendez was a republican, would have been given 3 colonoscopies by media by now
5. Jacqueline S: Harry Reid says “consider the source” re Menendez allegations… It’s just too much from the guy who said Romney paid no taxes.
4. tknepp: Here’s $100. Vote Menendez! #WhatToSayAfterSex
3. Ben Domenech: Senator Menendez will personally decide the path to citizenship using an evaluation tool he calls “Little Menendez.”
2. Dennis Miller: Dem Sen. Menendez using hookers procured by an eye doctor? “Better this way…or this way…this…or this?”
1. Ari Fleischer: I don’t know of Sen. Bob Menendez belongs in the Senate, but he definitely belongs on the foreign relations committee.

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