16 things to be thankful for from Super Bowl XLVII

The Daily Caller
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Even if you were a 49ers fan, there was still plenty to be happy about during Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans…

1. Ray Lewis behaved

2. This dog was ready to play

3. This guy didn’t kill the lights

4. Parking was easy for once

… Even if buying snacks wasn’t

5.This guy was a little too excited for Beyonce

6. Technology let separated families watch together

7. This quick ad from Oreo

8. This cat wasn’t doing what we thought it was doing

9. The elderly got in on the fun …

10. And made creative snacks like this …

11. And this:

12. “Happy Super Bowl, to me…”

13. Delta let passengers stream the game for free

14. Conspiracy theorists had something to do

15. The interpreter for the deaf stole the show

16. This fortuitously creepy DVR pause