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Gun Laws of America: Licensing guns vs. cars, seductive but wrong

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By Alan Korwin, Author, Gun Laws of America, 

Comparing guns to cars is a common and seductive but subtle error of logic. 

If it makes sense to license drivers and register cars, then it would make sense to license pilots and register airplanes. And we do. That’s parallel logic. 

However, if it makes sense to license gun owners and register guns, then it would make sense to license writers and register printing presses. That would be parallel logic too. But we don’t do that, because that doesn’t make sense. That’s because those are rights, and government has no legitimate power to license your rights. 

So, why would an honest writer object to having a license? Most reporters I know can’t answer that question, which explains why so many support “universal registration” — they understand the issue very poorly. I’ll answer it for you. 

If you must pass a government test, pay a tax called a “fee,” get fingerprinted, photographed, listed in the criminal database and carry around your card with an expiration date to publish an article, or else go to prison, that’s flat out wrong. Licensing and registering freedom is tyrannical, assaults the innocent and serves no legitimate purpose in America. That’s why.


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