Rep. Stockman on Nugent invite: Obama ‘invited a rapper who called for the death’ of police [VIDEO]

Nicholas Ballasy Senior Video Reporter
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In a video interview with The Daily Caller, Texas Republican Rep. Steve Stockman called Ted Nugent a “great Texan and patriotic citizen,” adding that it is “sad” that his decision to invite Nugent to the State of the Union address has caused controversy.

Stockman questioned why it was “not a controversy” when President Barack Obama brought rapper Common to the White House in May 2011. (RELATED: White House invites profane rapper for poetry reading)

“The president of the United States invited a rapper who called for the death of President Bush, called for the death of police, and it’s not a controversy. I invite someone who believes in the Second amendment, who’s a family guy, who’s really quite honestly a great Texan and patriotic citizen. You know, for some reason, it’s a controversy to invite him here,” Stockman told TheDC Tuesday on Capitol Hill.

“Everything is upside down in our nation. It’s sad, but evil’s good, good is evil in this current state of affairs.” (RELATED VIDEO: Nugent warns Obama against firearms regulations ahead of State of the Union address)

An online video shows Common saying, “tell the law, my Uzi weighs a ton” and “Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button.”

Stockman said he expects to hear the president speak about “more government, more taxes and more gun control” in his address to Congress.

“His theme song is an old and boring one. He’s a lame-duck president, and he’s going to show it tonight,” said Stockman.

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