Report: Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ vows to disrupt State of the Union broadcast

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director

Hackers who identify themselves with the activist collective “Anonymous” intend to disrupt President Obama’s State of the Union broadcast Tuesday evening, according to a post on The Sparrow Project:

At approximately 10:22am EST an email address assigned to a Sparrow Project volunteer received a communique by a party identifying itself as the decentralized hacker collective, Anonymous. The communique details a planned effort by the groups’s affiliates online to disrupt the online streaming and syndication of the President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, scheduled for 9pm EST.

The communique goes on to elaborate that this action is in response to a proposed executive order that would reinstate the most protested elements of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Information Act (CISPA).

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Hat tip: Taegan Goddard