Nicolas Cage will star in new movie identical to other Nicolas Cage movie

Robby Soave Reporter
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Embracing criticisms that all of his movies feature similar plot lines, superfluous action sequences, and over-the-top acting, Nicolas Cage will star in “Tokarev,” a new movie identical to last year’s Cage flick, “Stolen.”

Both “Tokarev” and “Stolen” feature Cage as a former criminal trying to rescue his daughter from kidnappers.

Producer Richard Rionda Del Castro described the new movie as, “a perfect Cage vehicle,” using the decidedly un-Cage-like definition of the word “vehicle” to mean “creative medium” rather than expensive thing Cage buys nine of during his descent into complete madness, or what Cage rides when he turns into a fiery vigilante skeleton.

Fans of Cage will also get to watch him square off against none other than God in the upcoming remake of “Left Behind,” which will probably work missing daughters and former criminals seeking them into the storyline somehow.

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