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Why is Politico racist against Cuban-Americans?

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I guess headlines like this are okay now:

“Marco Rubio’s drinking problem”? Really, Politico? And he “can’t stand the heat”? Yeah, it does get hot where his kind come from, right, Politico? Just say it. We all know what you want to say, so just say it.

We can look forward to a lot more of these racist dog-whistle terms over the next four years. Get used to it. It’s okay for a predominantly white crowd to point and laugh at the brown guy, as long as he’s not a Democrat.

I’d say I expected more from Politico, but I don’t. Does anyone?

Update: Racists, racists, and still more racists. And don’t forget the biggest racist of them all.

Update: Twitchy has more on the important story of Rubio drinking water. And this just about sums it up:

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