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Apparently it’s okay for a comic book to depict Sarah Palin murdering people

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It seems that the smaller an audience for a particular medium becomes, the more liberal it becomes. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

In any case, here are a few panels from the latest issue of a comic book called America’s Got Powers, written by British TV host Jonathan Ross. I haven’t read it, but it’s some sort of reality-contest parody, except with superheroes instead of singers and whatnot.

You’ll never guess who the bad guy is:

And of course, since she’s evil, she does this:

The comic also uses the likeness of David Tennant from Doctor Who, but as far as I know, he doesn’t shoot anybody in the throat or take any hostages:

Hey, if she didn’t want to be demonized for years after leaving public office, she shouldn’t have run against the Democrat. They got what they wanted, twice, and she’s still living inside their heads rent-free. If they’re going to blame her for a shooting she had nothing to do with, why not go all-out and show her doing it herself?

A few years back there was a comic called Black Summer, in which a superhero breaks into the White House and murders George Bush for stealing the election, going into Iraq after causing 9/11, pouring water on terrorists’ faces instead of shooting them in the head*, etc. And it was no big deal because it was Bush. Now, another comic depicts Sarah Palin straight-up murdering somebody, and it’s no big deal because it’s Palin.

Just try to imagine a comic book in which a superhero kills Obama, or Hillary Clinton is depicted shooting somebody point-blank. It doesn’t exist. It couldn’t exist. That’s different, because shut up.

I’m sure my mention of this will sell a few more copies among Palin-haters. Hey, it’s their money. I just think it’s important to catalogue this stuff, for the next time somebody starts shrieking about some sort of “Republican war on women.”

*Bin Laden, baby! USA! USA! USA!

(Hat tip: Bleeding Cool)