DePaul student admits vandalizing pro-life display, claims it somehow violated his rights

Robby Soave | Reporter

A student at DePaul University claimed that the Young Americans for Freedom violated his or her rights by creating a public memorial to aborted babies on the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

The anonymous student wrote a letter to The DePaulia, the university’s student newspaper, insisting that students have a right to walk across campus without seeing any of the 500 pink and blue flags placed on the quad to memorialize victims of abortion.

“As I was walking to class and passing through the quad on whatever day this display was up, I saw hundreds of blue and pink flags,” the student wrote in the letter. “Allowing such a display without giving viewers a choice is wrong.”

The student also admitted to vandalizing the display.

“I took three of the flags down from their display and took them home,” the author wrote. “Maybe what I did was wrong, but it created that discussion. And I believe that is right in line with the mission of DePaul and education in general.”

The student denied participating in a later act of vandalism, when at least 13 students wrecked the display and deposited the flags into garbage cans all over campus.

“I was in no way a part of the incident that took place later that day, where students took down all the flags and threw them away,” the author wrote.

Other students have already admitted to the act, according to a university investigation.

“It is a sad thing to see that liberal-minded students aren’t tolerant and don’t respect the views of those who respect the lives of the unborn,” said YAF chair Kristopher Del Campo.

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