Matt Lewis

S.E. Cupp: ‘We can’t be afraid to call out Rush Limbaugh’

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor

The New York Times has a must-read up on how the GOP is losing the tech war — and losing the youth vote.

But tucked away in the piece, I found this:

[W]e can’t be afraid to call out Rush Limbaugh,” said Goodwin’s fiancée, S. E. Cupp, a New York Daily News columnist and a co-host of”The Cycle”on MSNBC. “If we can get three Republicans on three different networks saying, ‘What Rush Limbaugh said is crazy and stupid and dangerous,’ maybe that’ll give other Republicans cover” to denounce the talk-show host as well.

This is either a sign things have changed — or a profile in courage. (Remember the time Phil Gingrey had to apologize to Rush?)

Look, I like S.E. and Rush. There’s no doubt Limbaugh has done some great things for the conservative cause. But I get what S.E. is saying, as well.

It will be interesting to see how the grassroots reacts.