Virginia Lt. Gov. candidate launches ‘Operation Love’ for Valentine’s Day

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Virginia Lieutenant Governor hopeful Pete Snyder is spreading the love this Valentine’s Day by romancing potential supporters the old fashioned way: with chocolate, personalized notes, and a little bit of public humiliation.

A Republican businessman who is in a six-way primary for the Republican nomination, Snyder kicked off “Operation Love” to celebrate this most romantic of holidays. His campaign staff is personally delivering Valentine’s cards and chocolate to conservative activists who he hopes will be delegates for him at the nominating convention in May.

Snyder has a lot of love to go around, and even those activists who have already committed to one of Snyder’s opponents are getting Valentines on Thursday along with a note urging them to reconsider.

“I met my wife Burson when she was on a date with another guy … So if you have love in your heart for someone else right now, that’s just fine by me — get to know me, I will work hard to win you over! Happy Valentine’s Day, xoxo, Pete.”

Snyder also launched an online ad, in which he takes part in a “dating game,” as he looks for “some conservatives who’d be willing to have a date with this guy” at the nominating convention. This ad has everything we love: a little bit of public humiliation, mustachioed men from the 80s, and a “Call Me Maybe” techno remix in the background.

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