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Check out the meteor that hit Russia

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I don’t know the Russian for “Holy crap, comrades, you weren’t kidding!


The best thing about driving around meteor-spotting in Russia? All the great radio stations.

So this is unrelated to the asteroid that’s supposed to narrowly miss us, right? We can just get hit by big giant rocks from space at any time? Nobody was killed by this one, but over 1,000 people were injured. See, I don’t know why somebody just doesn’t ban meteors and asteroids and whatnot. That always takes care of the problem.

What’s that? Why don’t you want to ban space-bullets? Why do you hate children?

(Hat tip: BenK)

P.S. It just occurred to me… this is how we got Superman, right? So now they’re going to have their own Superman? Oh, that’s just great.

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Jim Treacher