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Jesse Jackson Jr. is about to find out whether he got away with it

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Hey, remember when Jesse Jackson Jr. disappeared for a couple of months, while still keeping his seat in Congress? And remember how he turned up at the Mayo Clinic, being treated for “depressive disorder and gastrointestinal issues”? And remember how the national press yawned about it because he’s not a Republican? And remember how he got reelected anyway, despite not campaigning or even showing his face in public? Ah, nostalgia.

Keep in mind that the following from CBS Chicago has nothing to do with any of that:

Federal prosecutors are now ready to file their plea agreement with Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., CBS 2 has learned.

Jackson’s wife, Sandi, faces legal troubles under the arrangement.

Formal charges against Jesse Jackson Jr. could be filed as soon as Friday and Tuesday at the latest. His plea has also implicated his wife, leading to tax fraud charges against her.

The filing at the U.S District Courthouse in Washington will not require a court appearance by either Jackson.

Apparently, not much of anything in Jesse Jackson Jr.’s life requires him to show up. If he gets sent to prison, will he have to go? Just kidding, they won’t send him to prison. The rules don’t apply to him, for various reasons.

By the way, the word “Democrat” doesn’t appear in CBS Chicago’s story. It gets omitted all the time in stories about Dems in trouble. I don’t even think our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media leave out that word intentionally. It’s just an instinct. “Oh, everybody knows already.” Whereas they rarely forget to give a Republican’s party affiliation, probably in the headline. Bias is just the air they breathe.