Michael Jordan’s private security code name is ‘Yahweh’

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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Among the members of his private security team, NBA-great Michael Jordan’s code name is “Yahweh,” the Hebrew word for God.

Jordan, who will turn 50 on Sunday, was profiled by author Wright Thompson for ESPN The Magazine.

In part, the piece examines how that the legendary basketball player “is used to being the most important person in every room he enters:”

In case anyone in the inner circle forgets who’s in charge, they only have to recall the code names given to them by the private security team assigned to overseas trips. Estee is Venom. George is Butler. Yvette is Harmony. Jordan is called Yahweh — a Hebrew word for God.

Jordan is used to being the most important person in every room he enters and, going a step further, in the lives of everyone he meets. The Gulfstream takes off when he steps onboard. He has left a friend in Las Vegas who was late, and recently left two security guards behind. He’s been trying to leave George for years but can never beat him to the plane. He does what he wants, when he wants. On a long trip to China in the Nike plane, he woke up just as everyone else was taking an Ambien and settling in to sleep. Didn’t matter. He turned on the lights and jammed the plane’s stereo. If Michael is up, the unwritten rule goes, everybody is up. People cater to his every whim, making sure a car is waiting when he lands, smoothing out any inconvenience. In Chicago there was someone who kept gas in his cars. Not long ago he called his office from Florida, fuming, stuck at a gas station, unable to fill up.

“What’s my billing zip code?” he asked.

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