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Spot the missing word, kids

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This game is always fun, and the New York Times is a dependable source of amusement. See if you can spot the missing word in the following text:

A former mayor of San Diego spent the last decade wagering more than a billion dollars at casinos across the country, eventually liquidating her savings, auctioning her belongings, selling off real estate, borrowing from friends and taking more than $2 million from a charity set up by her late husband, a fast-food tycoon.

The former mayor, Maureen O’Connor, 66, blamed an addiction to gambling aggravated by a brain tumor for the gargantuan spree. Her lawyers said that while she had made well over a billion dollars in bets at casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and San Diego, her actual net losses were around $13 million.

Did you guess the missing word? If you did, go ahead and search the story for it.

The New York Times either doesn’t want you to know, or doesn’t think it’s important, that O’Connor is a Democrat. We learn about her poverty-stricken childhood, we learn about her health problems, but not a word about her political affiliation.

Why do you suppose that is?

Jim Treacher