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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Michelle Malkin

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Michelle Malkin is a fearless conservative activist.

A daughter of Filipino immigrants, Malkin uses her pen to fight back against the forces she thinks are trying to transform the values of the country from those which first attracted her parents to the United States in the 1960s.

Beyond writing a syndicated column, Malkin has written four books, run two successful websites, and, and is a Fox News contributor.

She is also something of a Twitter evangelist, urging more conservatives to join the social media network. Her website Twitchy even published the “Granny’s Guide to Twitter” to aid her in her Twitter proselytization.

The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas recently sat down with Malkin in St. Louis to discuss immigration, Twitter, education, Obama’s transformation of America, her advice to Republican leaders and more.

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How has President Obama transformed America so far?

What do parents need to know about the national Obama education agenda?

What advice would you offer to Republican leaders?

What advice would you offer to the NRA on the gun issue in America right now?

What advice would you offer to grassroots liberty leaders?

Does civic activism really matter?

Why should every conservative make time to be on Twitter?

Why does the left target talk radio and what can we do to help talk radio?

Why can’t we have a civil debate in the public square anymore on consequential issues?

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