‘Marco Rubio’ explains post-SOTU water incident on ‘SNL’ [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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“Saturday Night Live”  last night mocked Sen. Marco Rubio’s State of the Union rebuttal and the subsequent media freakout over the fact that he drank some water on camera.

“Sen. Rubio” stopped by the show’s “Weekend Update” segment to explain why he was so parched during Tuesday’s speech.

Host Seth Meyers asked Rubio — played by Taran Killam — to explain what exactly happened that night. (RELATED VIDEO: Media networks overplay Rubio water incident)

“You’re about to give an important policy speech. You get a little nervous in the green room, and you eat a whole bag of you eat a dry roasted peanuts and some beef jerky,” Rubio said. “There are hot lights on you, the room isn’t ventilated. You’re wearing your lucky burlap unitard under your suit, so you do what anyone would do.”

He continued, “You suddenly lunge to the side — all the while holding awkward eye contact with the camera — and then you take a drink from the tiniest bottle of water anyone has ever seen.”

Meyers suggests that the message of Rubio’s speech got lost over the water bottle controversy and asks if he wants to redeem himself.

Rubio attempts to redo his speech, but can’t get the words out because he just completed a “cinnamon challenge.”


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