New Hampshire legislators to vote on free ski tickets for themselves

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New Hampshire House members are expected to consider a bill that would grant them free ski passes to Cannon Mountain this week.

The bill HB 514, “permitting members of the general court to receive ski passes for Cannon Mountain ski area”, would exempt ski passes from being considered gifts and authorize the use of free passes by members of the House of Representatives and Senate at the ski area.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader, the ski mountain charges $47 for a half-day pass and $70 for a full day, which is higher than the $25 ethics limit on gifts for New Hampshire legislators.

New Hampshire’s WMUR-TV reports that the majority of Legislative Administration Committee recommended killing the bill, and that while opponents say the perk is too extravagant, others claim that providing access to the mountain for lawmakers would raise awareness about the area.

The bill, Introduced by Democratic state Rep. Gary Coulombe, is expected to come to the floor on Wednesday.

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