Timothy Cardinal Dolan: People who think I have a shot at pope are smoking pot

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the Catholic Archbishop of New York, says that anyone speculating that he could become the first American pope are offering him “high” praise.

According to The New York Post:

At St. Patrick’s Cathedral yesterday, Dolan was asked about rumors that he would be named the first American pope when the College of Cardinals convenes next month to select Pope Benedict’s successor.

“I’d say those are only from people smoking marijuana,” Dolan said.

Just days earlier, though, Cardinal Dolan admitted that an American pope seems more likely than ever before. “With the election of John Paul, with the election of Benedict, one wonders if the former boundaries almost seem not to have any credibility at all,” Dolan said.

The Church will choose a new pope in the coming weeks to replace Pope Benedict XVI, who announced earlier this month that he will resign at the end of February.

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