Top 10: Embarrassing celebrity ads that only aired overseas [VIDEO]

Taylor Bigler Entertainment Editor
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Hollywood celebrities need some way to keep all those zeroes in their bank accounts, so sometimes they resort to some shameless plugs to keep themselves rolling in the dough.

American celebrities from Harrison Ford, Uma Thurman and most recently Leonardo DiCaprio for Jim Beam have starred in some super weird commercials that only air overseas. Luckily, there is a thing called the Internet so we can all enjoy/ make fun of them.


Leonardo DiCaprio is far too dignified to do this Jim Beam commercial in America, but not in Japan.


Here is Snoop Dogg dressed up as a German folk singer, singing in German and shilling a German product.

Uma Thurman asks French journalist if he wants to have some “Schweppes” with her.

Chuck Norris is in the Czech Republic and scared of killing a live fish for T-Mobile, because why not?

Chicks dig Nic Cage in Japan — and only in Japan.

In this Wes Anderson directed ad, Brad Pitt takes naked photos of women for a Japanese cell phone company. It’s weird, but not any weirder than any other Wes Anderson project.

Harrison Ford hangs out in a sauna with a naked Japanese guy for a beer ad.

Hugh Jackman is SUPER EXCITED for Lipton iced tea in this Japanese commercial.

You must watch this, if only for watching Britney Spears try to speak Japanese in this 1999 candy commercial.


And perhaps the most hilarious foreign commercial done by an American celebrity of all time is this one for Ben Stiller for a Japanese beer.

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