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NY state senator wants Alec Baldwin banned from Hollywood

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It’s a bit late for that, isn’t it? I don’t see anybody lining up to go see The Shadow 2. The last time you saw Alec Baldwin in a movie* was his bit part as the sweatiest loudmouth in The Departed**, which was 7 years ago. Since then he’s been on 30 Rock, which America ignored but was kept on the air because of all those times Tina Fey mocked Sarah Palin. Baldwin is pretty much finished and he knows it, which might explain why he’s so angry all the time even though he’s married to a gorgeous yoga instructor who’s a quarter-century his junior.

But according to some folks, Baldwin shouldn’t even be getting the meager roles to which he’s been reduced. Politicker:

Having already conquered the rapper Lil Wayne for his alleged slights against New York City, State Senator Malcolm Smith is now calling for a boycott against actor Alec Baldwin until he seeks professional help. Mr. Smith made the call for Mr. Baldwin to be blacklisted following a New York Post story that claimed the 30 Rock star used racial slurs in a confrontation with one of the tabloid newspaper’s paparazzos.

“If these allegations are true, then no television network or film studio should hire the veteran actor until he seeks help,” Mr. Smith said in a statement. “In today’s modern age it’s a disgrace that people still use remarks that provide hatred to others based on race, religion or origin.”

This is a tough one. For liberals, I mean. Baldwin is a lefty in good standing, so if you’re a lefty, your instinct is to defend him. But Smith is black, so if you criticize him, you’ll be called a racist. What to do? Boycotts and speech codes and such aren’t supposed to bite guys like Alec Baldwin in the ass.

A few of Baldwin’s friends and colleagues have weighed in. Courtesy of Twitchy.com:

Well, yeah. He’s never called Mia Farrow any racist names.

Farrow has since deleted that tweet, possibly because she got sick of people reminding her that she might not be the best judge of character. Although it worked out fine for Woody.

And according to amNewYork:

Tracy Morgan said Alec Baldwin should apologize for his alleged spat with a photographer – if he actually made racist remarks, that is.

Morgan, who co-starred on NBC’s “30 Rock” with Baldwin for seven seasons, told a radio station in Charlotte that Baldwin “should apologize if he did it.”

“There’s no excuse for that, you’re in your 50s,” Morgan said, adding that he never heard Baldwin say anything racist on the “30 Rock” set and the two were “totally friendly.”

And don’t forget:

What more proof do you need?

An accusation of racism serves as its own proof. You’re accused of it, and then it’s up to you to prove otherwise. It’s stupid and unfair and harmful to society. I just wonder if Alec Baldwin and his supporters are capable of realizing that now. I wonder if they’ll think twice the next time they want to make such an accusation.


*Yeah, I know he’s been in other movies since then. Have you seen them? Okay then.
**As opposed to the sweaty loudmouth he’s played in all his other movies.

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