Pampered Wesleyan University students trash museum during boozy, drug-addled party

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A Wesleyan University soiree held at a Hartford science museum over the weekend came to an abrupt, early end. The reason: Museum staff allegedly found several students having sex in the bathrooms, doing drugs and scaling a very lifelike dinosaur exhibit — to name just a few indecencies.

Students who attend the fancy-pants private liberal arts college in semi-urban Middletown, Connecticut had journeyed by bus to the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford for an annual tradition called Senior Cocktails, explains the International Science Times.

After about two hours, Connecticut Science Center employees demanded — in no uncertain terms — that the students leave because Wesleyan students had quickly made an unholy mess. In addition to allegations of on-site sex and drug use, there was apparently an impressive exhibition of projectile vomiting down a flight of stairs.

As The Atlantic Wire notes, a Wesleyan gossip blog called Wesleying soon published segments of the museum staff’s report:

1. “Wesleyan student removed from the 6th floor for riding the dinosaur.”

2. “Wesleyan student fell down the up escalator. And continued falling as if in a perpetual motion machine.”

In past years, Senior Cocktails has occurred at a bar, notes local ABC affiliate WTNH. Wesleyan students seem to have concluded that it might be a good idea to return to that tradition in future years, though some are noticeably more apologetic toward the museum than others.

“It was a bad idea and I am sorry to the staff of the science center,” regretful senior Andrew Pfiffer told the ABC affiliate.

Meanwhile, many other students seemed unconcerned about the havoc they or their peers had caused.

“Everyone’s laughing about it, bragging about it,” said 2011 Wesleyan graduate and Middletown resident Peter Belmonte, according to the iScienceTimes.

Wesleyan student Christopher Caines does not count himself among the contrite ones. “Apparently they’ve done other events in the past before and stuff and the events were for other age groups and then you put a bunch of students as opposed to AARP members, you’re going to get a different reaction,” Caines told the station.

“I just don’t understand why we were taken to a science museum,” tweeted OverheardAtWes. “Of course we were too drunk for a science musuem.”

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