In sensitivity training, USDA employees recite ‘If we work for a federal agency, we’ve discriminated in the past’

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Additional clips of a United States Department of Agriculture sensitivity training class feature USDA employees being told to recite, “If we work for a federal agency, we’ve discriminated in the past.”

The clips, released by the conservative government accountability group Judicial Watch Thursday evening, are the second installation of revealing footage obtained by a Freedom of Information Act (FIOA) request the organization made last May.

According to Judicial Watch, the documents reveal the sensitivity training was delivered to USDA employees at least 16 times last year in an attempt to boost employees’ “emotional intelligence.”

In the additional clips, excerpted from the more than 3.5-hour “Cultural Sensitivity Training” session that was never intended to be publicized, diversity awareness trainer Samuel Betances of Souder, Betances and Associates advises further on the cultural sensitivity sins of America.

“I want you to say: ‘If we work for a federal agency.’ Say that. [Audience repeats] ‘We have discriminated in the past.’ [Audience repeats] Say: ‘Every federal agency,’ [Audience repeats] ‘has discriminated against African Americans,’ [Audience repeats] ‘Hispanics,’ [Audience repeats] ‘Native American Indians,’ [Audience repeats] ‘and other groups’ [Audience repeats],” Betances coaches.

“See, if you work for a federal agency, it doesn’t matter if it’s DOD, Commerce, Labor, Education, Housing, every agency has discriminated, because every agency reflects the values of the generation in charge,” he adds.



In another clip Betances speaks about how some Mexicans consider Texas, California, and Arizona to still be part of Mexico.

“Mexicans came to this country last night illegally; never mind that the United States expanded and took over what used to be Mexico. If the truth be known, in a lot of these circumstances, if you tell some of these Mexicans ‘Go back where you came from,’ they go to Texas, California, Arizona,” he says.



Judicial Watch highlighted another clip in which Betances speaks about the Founding Fathers’ use of Native Americans’ system of government and nation symbol, the eagle.

“And so when our founding elders and our Founding Fathers said, ‘We don’t want King George. We want our George Washington to create a republic with tools of democracy,’ our founding elders went to the Iroquois, native indigenous Americans in upstate New York, to borrow their system of governance. In fact, when I met with some of the Iroquois leadership some years ago, they say ‘Dr. Betances, not only did the Founding Fathers take our way of governing, they also took our symbol of nationhood, the eagle, as their symbol of nation-state,'” he says in the clip.



Judicial Watch has reported that the USDA paid Betances and his firm $200,000 in 2011 and 2012. Their additional review of federal contracts at www.USASpending.gov revealed that over the last five years the federal government provided the firm over $3.31 million in contracts, with $2.8 million coming from the Department of Defense.

“It is downright disgraceful that American taxpayers are forced to pay for this ridiculous indoctrination program. This ‘cultural transformation’ program has nothing to do with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the USDA workforce and everything to do with brainwashing federal employees,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, said in a statement.

“Federal agencies are wasting money and abusing employees through these left-wing and racially inflammatory indoctrination programs,” he added.

Last week Judicial Watch revealed clips of the session featuring Betances requiring USDA employees to repeat “the Pilgrims were illegal aliens” and calling minorities “emerging majorities.”

When Judicial Watch first made the public aware of the existence of the training sessions last October based on FIOA information prompted by a USDA whistle-blower, the USDA explained to Fox News that the sessions were aimed at encouraging diversity awareness.

“USDA offers a number of optional workshops and professional development opportunities in order to help employees better serve our customers,” the statement said. “The Souder Betances & Associates sessions were designed to foster overall diversity awareness — not to focus on any specific minority group — and received positive feedback from employees across the department,” the statement read.

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