Prager: Unfair to portray ‘Fox News as the right-wing equivalent of the left-wing MSNBC’ [AUDIO]

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Earlier this week, MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews took two jabs at congressional Republicans that some thought were over-the-top, even for Matthews.

On his Tuesday program, Matthews called Republicans “unpatriotic” and then on Wednesday likened them to the terrorist organization Hamas.


On his Thursday radio show, conservative talker Dennis Prager explained those statements alone were evidence that MSNBC goes far beyond just being the “left-wing” equivalent of “right-wing” Fox News.

“Are they Hamas?” Prager said. “So yesterday ‘unpatriotic,’ today ‘are they Hamas?’ Even the guy who he is interviewing, Jonathan Allen said, ‘They are not Hamas.’ I don’t even understand the point. It is so unfair to have this vision of Fox News as the right-wing equivalent of the left-wing MSNBC. This sort of statement from the anchors of shows there, you know — I tell you, it’s just wrong.”

The Fox News comparison is one that MSNBC hosts have vocally objected to. In November 2010, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow challenged Comedy Central host Jon Stewart when he suggested the two networks are mirror images of one another.

But Prager said it would be hard to imagine a current Fox News anchor making comments like Matthews.

“There is a conservative bias obviously on Sean Hannity’s show,” he continued. “OK, that’s correct and elsewhere, but not always and not to this extent — comparing the Democrats to Hamas? An anchor saying that Democrats are not patriotic? Well, anyway I just thought — it doesn’t matter though.”

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