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Juan Williams: Cronkite would be ‘abject failure as a journalist’ in current media environment

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Fox News political analyst Juan Williams says that legendary newsman Walter Cronkite would be an “abject failure” in today’s media environment.

“The big change for me is that if you brought Walter Cronkite to life in this moment he would be an abject failure as a journalist,” Williams told The Daily Caller, reflecting on the changes in the news media he has seen over his decades as a journalist in Washington.

“He would not be able to capture an audience. The people we want in our news prime-time space now are strongly opinionated people who I think, for the most part, attract audiences of like-minded people, who want to know ‘what’s our side thinking right now?'”

Williams, 58, started his journalism career in Washington in 1976 as an intern for The Washington Post, where he would spend 23 years covering politics. He has also worked at National Public Radio and is the author of six books.

In a previous segment of the interview, Williams discussed how the mainstream media tries to squash dissent. Check back tomorrow to see Williams’ thoughts on the state of black America in 2013.

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